Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase your products?

A: Everloc products are available in Australia and New Zealand through leading hardware, department and specialty home ware and storage stores. For more details see ‘Where to buy’ page or click here.

Q: How does Everloc work?
A: The thermoplastic suction cups provide secure attachment by creating an airtight & waterproof seal. With no product assembly or mess, Everloc have also removed the hassle of drilling, tools and surface damage.

Q: How much weight can Everloc suction cups hold?
A: Everloc products with small suction cups can hold up to 8kgs*
Everloc products with large suction cups can hold up to 15kgs*

* The weight rating applies to suction cups installed under ideal conditions and should be used as a guide only. The maximum weight bearing ability of this product will vary from surface to surface.

Q: What surfaces can I install Everloc suction cups on?
A: For best results, Everloc should be installed on clean and smooth non-porous surfaces such as Tiles, Glass or mirrors.
For installation on non-porous surfaces (such as wood, gyproc/plasterboard etc), you may need to use Everloc Adhesive Disks. These adhesive plastic disks can be applied to any surface, providing a stable platform for you to install your Everloc suction cups.
Note: As Everloc Adhesive Disks use strong adhesive to support the weight of your product, some damage to your installation surface may occur if not removed carefully.

Q: How do I remove my Everloc product?
A: To remove your suction cup/s, use the removal tool provided to carefully slide underneath the suction cup to break the seal. If you lose or misplace your removal tool, you can simply use a flat object like a business card or piece of cardboard so simply slide underneath the suction cup.
Please avoid the use of sharp objects that may cause damage to the surface or product eg: knives, pens, pencils.
It is recommended that you soak the suction cups in hot water for 15 minutes to allow the suction cups to reset prior to re-installation.

Q: Is Everloc reusable?
A: All Everloc products can be re-installed time and time again and are just as easy to remove as they are to install. Another benefit of using Everloc is its portability, so when it comes to moving home or changing the location you can remove and re-install your product with ease.

Q: Why aren’t my suction cups sticking to the wall?
A: Your suction cups may not be sticking to the wall if you are trying to attach the product to a porous surface such as a painted plaster wall, gyprock or wallpaper. Everloc products are recommended for use only on non-porous surfaces such as glass, tiling, and mirrors.
You may have trouble getting the suction cups to stay put if you have installed the product incorrectly. Some common user errors include forgetting to remove to protective cover from the bottom of the suction cup, placing the suction cups over joints or grout lines and not applying enough pressure on the suction cup during installation.
It is highly recommended that you read the enclosed instructions carefully prior to installation to ensure that you have not missed anything vital. Instructional videos are also available for viewing online, click here to watch.

Q: Where can I get spare suction cups?
A: If you think you may require replacement suction cups please get into contact with customer service.

Q: Is this product suitable for use in caravans?
A: If you’re planning on using Everloc products in your caravan, it is recommended that you remove your Everloc products prior to driving as our products have been designed for stationary walls and not moving walls. When driving, the vibration of the walls can interfere with the adhesion and may cause the Everloc product to slide down or fall off.
Once the caravan is stationary, the Everloc products can then be reinstalled without any hassle.

Q: Is this product suitable for renters?
A: Everloc products are perfect for renters as there is no drilling, screw driving or tools required during installation. The product can also be removed with ease with no surface damage.

Q: Will Everloc Accessories Rust?
A: To extend the life of your Everloc and to prevent the occurrence of rust it is recommended that you only use water and a soft cloth to clean your Everloc product as harsh abrasives found in most cleaning chemicals can cause damage to the chrome coating. Take care whilst cleaning around the Everloc product as you may inadvertently use cleaning chemicals near or around the product which can also contribute to the deterioration of the chrome surface.