Push n’ Loc System

Everloc products are suitable for use on non-porous surfaces such as glass, tiling and mirror and it’s easy installation has eliminated the need for drilling, tools and tedious product assembly.
For use on porous surfaces such as wood and plasterboard/gyproc, we recommend using Everloc Adhesive Disks. These plastic disks adhere directly to the mounting surface providing a stable, airtight platform to install your Everloc suction cups.

A vacuum is created by firmly pushing the suction cup onto the surface, creating an airtight & waterproof seal. The Thermoplastic rubber suction cup maintains secure attachment and offers consistent weight loading performance which can hold up to 15kgs*

Once installed your Everloc product can be removed with ease without surface damage and can be reinstalled time and time again.

When the time comes to clean your Everloc accessory, simply use water and a soft cloth to wipe down the chrome surface.

To prepare your Everloc product for re-installation soak suction cups in hot water for 15 minutes to allow suction cups to reset.

For more info on how to install your product and other great tips please refer to the downloadable instructions on the How It Works page or view the instructional video located at the top of this webpage.

*The weight rating applies to suction cups installed under ideal conditions and should be used as a guide only. The maximum weight bearing ability of this product will vary from surface to surface.